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Our Story

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In 2018, the founder Terry founded the FlyFreely aircraft model club. Always adhering to the concept of "Collecting traces of sky history".

Since then, we have stimulated the enthusiasm for lifelong learning through unique technologies and innovations, focusing on different types of aircraft models. Sell past and present world airline models that you may need or curious about.

We discuss airplanes, study airplanes, and constantly make airplane models. When one airplane model after another was placed in front of us, we were very excited.

We do our best to provide aviation enthusiasts with resin and die-cast metal passenger aircraft to replicate your favorite aircraft without loss of accuracy. We use blueprints and standard color charts provided by the aircraft manufacturer to ensure accurate reproduction.

The idea of Fly-Freely’s online sales was originally conceived in November 2020. We understand the positive impact of modeling on people’s lives and hope to share it with others. We decided to share this happiness with more people and let more people like it.

In March 2021, Fly-Freely began to shift its business to the international market. Its business covers more than 150 countries and regions around the world.

At the same time, our newly developed LED voice-activated lighting advanced simulation aircraft model broke the pattern of static simulation models that have not been reformed and innovated for many years.
This is a large, high-quality aircraft model that can be controlled by voice or touch switch. It is very charming and can be charged by USB.
Once this type of aircraft model was launched, it has won unanimous praise from the industry and customers, and its simulation degree and quality are in the top position in the same industry.

Fly-Freely aims to provide the highest value aircraft models, while also committed to quality, value and service.
But most importantly, the love of what we do and the appreciation of the passion our customers have for their hobbies are the driving force for us to move forward every day. Thank you for being a member of our expanded family of hobbies!

Our Vision

• Our goal is to stimulate the enthusiasm of lifelong learning through educational products, technology, unique hobbies and innovations.
• We exist to guide, motivate and encourage people who are kind and caring like you.
• We believe that models are more than just your collection. It reflects who you are, how you see the world and what you want to give back.
• The entire Fly-Freely team is passionate about ensuring that you find suitable, low-cost, high-quality products. We strive to provide you with the best experience.


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